About CSE

Known as the Exchange for Entrepreneurs, one of the CSE’s goals is to provide public companies with a combination of cost-efficient access to capital markets and exceptional service.

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    From exclusive videos on CSE TV to the #HashtagFinance podcasts, Sparx assists with the marketing, production and launch of the CSE’s compelling content and industry insights.

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    Public Entrepreneur (PE) magazine is a quarterly publication produced by Sparx for the CSE, which highlights stories of innovation and the entrepreneurs who are bringing them to life.

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    Sparx played a central role at the CSE's top-tier showcase events, including PDAC and CannaTech Davos, by assisting with marketing collateral, media support, and more.


Scaling an organization is no easy feat. In the CSE’s case, their “hockey stick” moment arrived in 2014 when they became the first major stock exchange in the world to accept public listings of cannabis companies, effectively signaling the start of an entirely new industry.

The challenge for the CSE was twofold: first, they had to keep up with a rapid expansion of a new industry and second, they had to ensure they upheld a high standard of service and engagement with the many businesses and entrepreneurs that were already listed with them.

To meet the challenge of remarkable growth in clients, the CSE turned to Sparx in 2014 to help provide a full stack marketing solution which included strategy, development and execution across all of their digital and print channels.

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A Sneak Peek at Awesome

From print and digital marketing to event support (and everything in between), we do it all!

Wow! I'd like my brand to be this spark-tacular too!


Working closely with the CSE, Sparx has developed a multi-channel content marketing ecosystem that showcases their brand across a number of important digital platforms and helps them appeal to their diverse and innovative audience of entrepreneurs.

Today, the CSE’s website attracts an international audience and generates millions of impressions per month. Sparx has worked on countless projects for the CSE, including the development and publication of their quarterly magazine, Public Entrepreneur, as well as content creation for their social media channels, podcasts and blog.

In addition, Sparx provides marketing support for the CSE at local, international and virtual showcase events, from the PDAC Convention in Canada all the way to CannaTech Davos in Switzerland.


More of Our Work

Here are a few other clients Sparx has worked with...

  • Marketing Support Services /

Pacific Services Group

Pacific Services Group, or PSG, is the parent company of two full-service transfer agencies that operate in both Canada and the US. Working with PSG, Sparx provided efficient, on-demand marketing services and quick-turnaround requests, from graphic design to print advertisements.

  • Content Strategy /

Imagin Medical

Imagin Medical is a publicly-traded medical device technology company that is seeking to disrupt the detection of bladder cancer. Sparx developed a comprehensive digital strategy, including enhanced branding, to help Imagin successfully generate awareness and interest among key audiences and stakeholders.

  • Content Strategy /

Galt Foundation

A non-profit staffing organization, Galt Foundation provides, promotes, and expands employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Sparx helped the company with a digital transformation which included creating a content strategy to help grow awareness and engagement across their social media channels, blog content, and more.

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