About Galt

Galt works closely with persons with disabilities to find professional and career opportunities in public organizations. Today, Galt now employs thousands of people and has expanded to Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

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    With a more frequent posting cadence, Galt Foundation’s Instagram page keeps followers engaged and up-to-date on important matters as well as the latest updates.

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    An updated website provides Galt Foundation’s audiences with better readability of vital information on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

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    Galt Foundation’s social media accounts underwent a revival to include more relevant content and consistent imagery.


To further their mission to become the largest employer in the world for persons with disabilities, Galt Foundation saw the need to improve their systems and digital strategy to operate at scale.

Though there were a number of areas in which they sought to improve, Galt retained Sparx to lead the restructuring of their content strategy and develop a consistent multi-channel social media presence. To do so, Galt needed a trusted partner to steer all of their digital platforms, including their website, social media, blog, and more.

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A Sneak Peek at Awesome

We offer strategic planning and top-notch content to elevate your online brand presence.

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With the help of Sparx, Galt Foundation was able to develop and implement an effective content strategy that showcased the positive impact Galt has on their stakeholders.

From building out core marketing technology infrastructure, to creating workflows and aligning resources, Sparx successfully provided Galt with the components required to operate a modern, compelling, and competitive marketing function.

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More of Our Work

Here are a few other clients Sparx has worked with...

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Canadian Securities Exchange

The Canadian Securities Exchange, or CSE, is Canada’s leading stock exchange for innovative companies. Sparx has helped to build a content marketing ecosystem for the CSE, providing a full range of services. Major projects include the #HashtagFinance podcasts, Public Entrepreneur Magazine, CSE blog content, and supporting local and international showcase events, such as the CannaTech Davos 2020 event in Davos, Switzerland.

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Imagin Medical

Imagin Medical is a publicly-traded medical device technology company that is seeking to disrupt the detection of bladder cancer. Sparx developed a comprehensive digital strategy, including enhanced branding, to help Imagin successfully generate awareness and interest among key audiences and stakeholders.

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Pacific Services Group

Pacific Services Group, or PSG, is the parent company of two full-service transfer agencies that operate in both Canada and the US. Working with PSG, Sparx provided efficient, on-demand marketing services and quick-turnaround requests, from graphic design to print advertisements.

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