About PSG

Cue Pacific Services Group, or PSG. PSG is the parent company of two full-service transfer agencies, Pacific Stock Transfer (PST) and Capital Transfer Agency (CTA), which are exactly those types of companies that ensure that the buyers and sellers of securities, exchange ownership of those securities seamlessly.

As a whole, PSG represents thousands of publicly listed companies and services hundreds of thousands of shareholders worldwide. In addition to transfer agent services, both CTA and PST offer a selection of important business support services tailored to the efficient function of publicly traded companies.

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    Sparx has helped oversee social media support, including customized social media posts, digital assets, and campaign measurement and reporting.

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    PSG’s updated websites boast a professional and appealing layout, plus compelling copy, for promoting their services.

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    Why choose PSG? Sparx helped develop and design sales sheets and banners that supported PST and CTA’s marketing efforts.


Balancing the needs of a well-established brand in a mature market, with a growing brand in a different market setting, meant that flexibility in service offering was paramount. PSG wanted to elevate the way it promoted its businesses and how it serviced its clients in a way that was aligned with the different personalities and stakeholders that each subsidiary serviced.

PSG turned to Sparx to provide outsourced marketing services that could fulfill on-demand requests and create marketing deliverables that were distinct but readily identifiable as being part of the PSG brand.

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A Sneak Peek at Awesome

First impressions are everything. Let us revamp your website, social media, and marketing collateral!

Okay, let’s chat about amplifying my marketing efforts.


From website redevelopments through to compelling one-page sell sheets, there is no job too big or too small for the Sparx team.

Working with PSG, Sparx delivered a diverse range of outsourced marketing services on demand that were consistently on brand, regardless of the subsidiary organization they were for.

Some of the quick-turnaround requests included graphic design, print and digital advertisements, and event marketing support.

We understand that on-demand marketing services can make just as much of an impact as any larger marketing campaign, which is why Sparx fulfills every request with the utmost care and detail.


More of Our Work

Here are a few other clients Sparx has worked with...

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Canadian Securities Exchange

The Canadian Securities Exchange, or CSE, is Canada’s leading stock exchange for innovative companies. Sparx has helped to build a content marketing ecosystem for the CSE, providing a full range of services. Major projects include the #HashtagFinance podcasts, Public Entrepreneur Magazine, CSE blog content, and supporting local and international showcase events, such as the CannaTech Davos 2020 event in Davos, Switzerland.

  • Content Strategy /

Galt Foundation

A non-profit staffing organization, Galt Foundation provides, promotes, and expands employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Sparx helped the company with a digital transformation which included creating a content strategy to help grow awareness and engagement across their social media channels, blog content, and more.

  • Content Strategy /

Imagin Medical

Imagin Medical is a publicly-traded medical device technology company that is seeking to disrupt the detection of bladder cancer. Sparx developed a comprehensive digital strategy, including enhanced branding, to help Imagin successfully generate awareness and interest among key audiences and stakeholders.

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